KAPUTT: Academy of Destruction              TATE EXCHANGE October 26-29 2017

We are not supposed to speak too loud, to write on walls, to eat too much sugar, to tear our schoolbooks apart, to smash the china, to cut ourselves, to step out of line. We are not supposed to destroy anything. We are supposed to be productive and creative and safe. Children, adults, all of us. Strangely, while we try hard to be good, we see all kinds of things around us being destroyed. So, who decides what is destruction and what is not? Who has permission to destroy?

KAPUTT: The Academy of Destruction will explore these questions through a transgenerational team of six children and six adult artists as equal members. In October 2017 they will , experiment, think and act together and share their practices, experiences and concepts of destruction in public sessions at Tate Exchange. Visitors will be invited to take a trip through the Academy’s facilities: from its Reception to its Library, and on to its Assembly Hall where they will watch the members of the Academy in action.  After attending these public sessions of the Academy, visitors will be encouraged to create their own research assignment in the Academy’s Common Room. Read more.

The Art of Being Many. Towards a new Theory and Practice of Gathering.

Since 2010 we have been witnessing new ways of assembling, which have made the word »democracy« sound important again - a starting point for a new art of being many: the »many« invoke new concepts of collectivity by renegotiating their modes of participation and (self-)presentation and by rewriting rhetorical, choreographical, and material scripts of assembling. This publication is inspired and informed by the square-squattings and neighbourhood assemblies of the »real democracy« movements as well as by recent explorations of the assembly form in performance art and participatory theatre.

A new publication by geheimagentur, Martin Schäfer and Vassilis Tsianos.


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Spiritually Challenged, and other performance lectures.

The first women who entered the lectern were trance lecturers. They conquered public speech by claiming to lend their voices to dead men. Spiritually challenged is a performance lecture in their honor, a magic show about my attempt to become a witch (despite of it all) by detecting ghosts in public buildings, searching for miracles, learning hypnosis from the internet and discussing the potential of magic for activism.


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The Improbable Lecture

The Club of Marinauts


50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do)

Inspired by the wish to attack overprotection this live art performance encourages children and adults to face the dangers of the everyday in a playful way. To make that happen we will blow up rubbertoys, fry popcorn on our heads, try out fire extinguishers, reenact performances of danger from the history of live art and superglue your fingertips together. 50 Dangerous Things is inspired by the book of the same title written by Tinkering Unlimited. The performance has been produced by FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research.


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