Women of the Seven Seas

Maritime patriarchy is a history of war, colonialism and exploitation. Together with Secret Agency I founded The Women of the Seven Seas, a group of female artists, researchers, activists and seafarers from around the world working at and around the sea. It is time for a feminist maritime movement! 

In 2023 we are looking for the Shefarers of Bali and Suffolk: Women and non-binary people working at sea and in ports, seafarers, artists and researchers, also, women who have recently travelled the seas as migrants. Please get in touch and meet us at SPILL Festival in October. 

More info, also about our activities in Bali: womenofthesevenseas.net 

Improbable Assemblies

To plan, direct and host improbable assemblies is an important part of my work: In 2023 I directed the celebrated Assembly of Wishes for Soziokultur NRW in Mülheim. 

For the Anti-SLET-Assembly in Novisad iin 2022 I turned  the top-down-logics of communist mass choreography into a  bottom-up-assembly of young people, who are struggling with capitalism and nationalism just outside the EU fortress.

Next will be The Glue Assembly on September 20 on the Square of Children's Rights / Platz der Kinderrechte in Hamburg. 

Theatre of Research 

 Theatre of Research is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary in September 2023. We are looking forward to the Experimental Sandbox and the alternative Beauty Salon. We will also host a meeting of the network for participatory research in Theatre for Young Audiences. Join us for our birthday gala and learn "How kids and adults can change the world together". More info here.


Intimate Performances

My somehow legendary night club performance Queens. The Heteraclub will take place one more time at Schillertage in Mannheim. Join us for intimate one-on-one-performances, striptease & stories, orgasms & fantasms at EinTanzHaus. Book here. 

Why do theatre and performance try to touch people, but usually don't really touch them? How can performance create spaces for intimate encounters?  

Book your place in my workshop in November at Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel here.


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