Women of the Seven Seas

Maritime patriarchy is no joke. It is a history of war, colonialism and exploitation. Women of the Seven Seas is a group of female artists, researchers, activists and seafarers from global north and south working with, at and around the sea. Will the growing number of women working at sea make a difference? Is there - finally - a feminist movement about to appear at sea to unite against all that? Well, not yet. But maybe soon. 

geheimagentur / secret agency & the Female Seafarers Association of Nigeria come together in Hamburg this summer to discuss, work on and dream of a different maritime future.


Join us at Kampnagel Sommerfestival, in Los Angeles in autumn or in Barcelona in December.

More info: womenofthesevenseas.net 

Improbable Assemblies: SLET 2022

To plan, direct and host improbable assemblies is an important part of my work. Next will be the SLET 2022 in Novi Sad Serbia (Cultural Capital of Europe), where we turn the top down of communist mass choreography into a  bottom-up-assembly of a new generation, that is struggling with capitalism and nationalism just outside of the EU fortress.  Come and join us on September 1st!


Theatre of Research – the New Venue


In September 2022 we are going to open the brandnew Theatre of Research, in German: FUNDUS THEATER / Forschungstheater (FT) in Hamburg. I'm looking forward to our Opening Gala curated by kids, to performances by some of our favorite artists like Tim Etchells and Joshua Sofaer, to the ASSITEJ workshop on kids & adults in Live Art with Heike Roms and others, to the PLAYING Up Gender Ball with guests from South Africa, and many other things. Take a closer llook here: fundus-theater.de

Check out our new Playing Up Gender edition here! Its free!



Trust your Female Pimp

After recreating the Heteraclub for Impulse Theater Festival 2022 we are more convinced than ever: There should be more safe spaces for female desires. Which requires more female pimps to create those spaces. Now you can learn how to become one. Book your place in my workshop in November at Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel:


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