Academy of Destruction

We are not supposed to speak too loud, to write on walls, to eat too much sugar, to tear our schoolbooks apart, to smash the china, to cut ourselves, to step out of line. We are not supposed to destroy anything. We are supposed to be productive and creative and safe. Children, adults, all of us. Strangely, while we try hard to be good, we see all kinds of things around us being destroyed. So, who decides what is destruction and what is not? Who has permission to destroy?

KAPUTT: The Academy of Destruction explores these questions with a transgenerational team of  children and adult artists. KAPUTT has been performed at Tate Exchange London in October 2017, in Theatre of Research Hamburg in May 2018 and ongoing. Documentation here.   


The Animal Equality Zone 

Imagine a city where animals of all kinds, including humanz, live together as equals... Animals of Manchester (including HUMANZ) was a Live Art experiment, that explored what life might be like if we had interspecies equality.   In and around Whitworth Gallery and Park a team  of artists, kids and researchers created the alternative city: There was a palace for mice and for humans, a film studio run by beetles, a hedgehog hospital, a townhall with two cows as mayors, living memorials for extinct species, a Bestiary Beauty Parlour and a Life Art Library honouring animals as artists and performers. Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival. A project by Theatre of Research & Live Art Development Agency. 

Read more about Animals of Manchester here and about Theatre  of Research here.

News on Participatory Art Based Research 

This new book came out of our participatory art based research program Performing Citizenship,

Free download 




Queens. The Heteraclub.

QUEENS is a heteratopia, a temporary club to adress heterasexual desire and satisfaction. With the means of art. With tenderness. With beauty. With intimacy among strangers. With truth.   

Seven male performers are trained by artists and sexperts from London and Hamburg to develop their very own One-on-One-performance. And it is all for you: 

QUEENS. The Heteraclub brings some gender equality to Hamburg St. Pauli's Red Light District in 2020. More Info:


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