Women of the Seven Seas

Women of the Seven Seas is a global group of female artists, activists and seafarers working at sea. 

Maritime patriarchy is no joke. It is time for a feminist movement at sea!

In September 2024 secret agency is presenting the Lecture Performance / Science Fiction "Women of the Seven Seas" at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg: a trip to the future, when cruise ships will go under, sea levels will rise and transgender hippies on rafts of trash will unite with the female seafarers‘ association of Nigeria to come for the rescue.


Improbable Assemblies

To plan, direct and host improbable assemblies is an important part of my work: In 2023 I directed the celebrated Assembly of Wishes in Mülheim. 

For the Anti-SLET-Assembly in Novisad iin 2022 I turned  the top-down-logics of communist mass choreography into a  bottom-up-assembly of young people, who are struggling with capitalism and nationalism just outside the EU fortress.

The next experimental assembly will be "BRÜTEN, An Incubation" as part of the season's opening at FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research in September 2024. 

Change the World!

In 2024 my new research book for kids and adults "Change The World" will be published by THICK PRESS. Yeah. Available in german here.

If you are interested in art-based intergenerational research, join us for our new research projects about sand and about beauty at FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research:

Der Schönfühlsalon – May 2024.

1400 Tonnen Sand – November 2024

You can also order our Experimental-Sandkiste for your own experiments. 

More info here.

And check out our research network: forschung-im-kjt.net

Touching You. New Show.

After being invited to Impulse and Schillertage with the celebrated night club performance Queens. The Heteraclub the fabulous team of the club will come together again to create a new piece - this time for all genders.  TOUCHING YOU is all about touch, about politics of sensation, about you and me and why theatre wants us to be touched without ever really touching us. We are going to change that. Is that still theatre? 

The show will open in August at International Summerfestival Kampnagel Hamburg.


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